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Membership Advantages

1) The Primary Prevention Evaluation – this is the annual evaluation that is the cornerstone of the Primary Prevention Program

Extensive blood work designed to aggressively seek out risk factors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, hormonal disorders, cholesterol disorders, thyroid disorders, kidney disorders, and bone disease.  View The Primary Prevention Blood Panel information

Screenings for nutrition, emotional health, weight management, memory disorders, sleep disorders

Testing that includes EKG, Pulmonary Function Tests, peripheral artery circulation (ABI calculation) ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms, and hearing tests.

With all of the above, Dr. Singer can accurately assess your overall health and make recommendations for attaining and maintaining optimal health. He will discuss these with you extensively and follow-up with a letter outlining all the above.

2) Physician evaluation and counseling to reduce risk factors and prevent disease

3) USB drive containing your health records which include personal identification, emergency information, allergies, past medical, social, and family history, medications, EKG, laboratory test results, screening results, patient recommendations

None of the above are billed to any insurance unless required by law and are covered by the membership fee

Additional Benefits of Dr. Singer’s smaller practice (i.e. other stuff you get that is very beneficial)

Same day appointments for urgent problems - appointments start on time and are unhurried

24-hour availability by cell phone. No need to deal with answering services or doctors that do not know your medical history. You can call me any time for an urgent problem, night or weekend

Coordination of specialist care and arranging appointments, if necessary

In addition, Dr. Singer will ensure that you receive all of the recommended preventive services in your covered annual exams

Complete peace of mind that you have a physician who has the knowledge, desire, and time to care for you whenever you need him.


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