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Neil-Singer_exam-room--patient_9209 low resDr. Singer has done a great job of managing my personal health history. He is extremely thorough and conscientious as well as an expert diagnostician. I am grateful to be in his care and his philosophy of taking care of my health before there are big issues is especially comforting. I am grateful for him and his staff for providing me a comfortable and welcoming place to be a patient. Thank you Dr. Singer.

Lynn M - Sedona

I am extremely happy that Dr. Neil Singer came to Sedona. He has been my medical doctor for 10 years. With his Primary Prevention Program I have benefited in so many ways. I feel that I have the care and understanding and time I need to prevent unnecessary worry and his excellent expertise to diagnose my health problems. He continues to strive for excellence in his practice for his patience's. He has now included an Ultrasound Screening for early detection for those members in his private practice. I am 70 years young and feel healthy, full of energy. I have quality of life. I would not have this quality of life if I didn't listen and follow Dr. Singers advise. We are both involved in my care. I thank him for all the times I needed him and he was there for me.

Brenda W

We also want you to know how much we appreciate your attention to our medical needs and we couldn't be happier with our decision to chose you as our family doctor. We have recommended you highly to our friends. We consider you not only our doctor but our friend.


The care and compassion I have received from you and your staff has been over and above exceptional. I was a health care professional for 17 years and a patient of yours for most of that time. I recognize exceptional care when I see it.

Bill N

"As a Registered Ultrasonographer, with a pretty good understanding of the medical profession, I consider myself a "medical snob" meaning I'm extremely cautious when choosing a physician. In that regard, having lived in Phoenix for many years, I only went to Mayo Clinic. After deciding to move to Sedona and finding myself traveling up and down the mountain to go to Mayo for various problems, I realized I had to "bite the bullet" and find a physician in Sedona. This was a daunting task. In my "paranoid" mind, how could a really good physician be in such a small town? I found Dr. Singer through various friends did my research and signed up for myself and my partner. I have only the highest praise for Dr. Singer. He's an astute diagnostician. He's conservative, yet action packed when there's cause. Every member of his staff is professional, warm, attentive, and appropriately reactive. Dr. Singer's practice is the "real thing."

Betty P - Sedona

Dr. Singer has been our physician for the last 10 years, basically since my son and I moved to Arizona. Being new to town, there was no one to recommend a physician for us, so I was basically stuck with choosing a doctor through the Yellow Pages. I tried several doctors, but was unable to find a "fit" that I was comfortable with until I met Dr. Singer. At that time, I chose Dr. Singer based on what my insurance would cover, and it turns out to be one of the better choices that I have ever made. I cannot stress the importance of having a good working relationship with your primary care physician!

When Dr. Singer switched his practice to Primary Prevention Program, I was hesitant to spend the yearly membership fee, but I didn't want to have to find a new family doctor, not to mention that Dr. Singer puts up with all of my crazy issues without making me feel like an idiot! I've realized that this was one of the best investments I have ever made. It's an investment in my health, and there is no way to put a dollar amount on that.

The yearly physical that Dr. Singer provides as a part of his service astonishes me by how comprehensive it is and how much time and effort him and his staff put into it. I have never had such a thorough physical. This physical gives me the information on what I need to do in order to remain healthy and/or make improvements. Once the physical is completed, Dr. Singer takes an extraordinary amount of time to sit with me to compare the differences from the previous year, discuss every point in detail, and assist me in making a "Health Plan" for the upcoming year. This process is extremely effective in helping me to manage all of my various health problems.

If I do have an immediate health issue, I always get in on the same day (nobody believes me when I tell them this!), and Dr. Singer and his staff provide me all the time that I need. Nothing is rushed, and every issue is discussed in depth. Dr. Singer is thorough, totally professional and knowledgeable, but also pleasant and has a great sense of humor. (Laughter is the best medicine!) Despite, or perhaps due to, my complex health issues, Dr. Singer always goes above and beyond in researching and providing diagnosis's and treatments, some of which I had been trying to do with other doctors for many years prior to meeting Dr. Singer.

I have never waited in his picturesque waiting room for more than a couple of minutes. Again, nobody believes this - everyone I know tells me that they usually have to wait for up to an hour to see their doctor, then only are given a few minutes…although his waiting room is so beautiful that I wouldn't mind having to wait! This beautiful lobby area, including the healthy snacks and drinks provided, shows that he truly cares and goes the extra mile to make his patients feel comfortable. His staff is incredibly caring, accommodating, dedicated, and, despite the fact that they are a lot of fun, each one of them is undeniably professional.

Everything about Dr. Singer's Primary Prevention Program provides me with peace of mind. I have never had this type of superior care with any other doctor, and to me, that is priceless.

Irene A - Sedona

Dr. Singer’s Primary Prevention Program, and the monitoring phase of it, has allowed him and I to stay on top of a variety of my chronic ailments. In addition, his willingness to afford his patients with 24/7 contact has contributed to a sense of well being that I have never had with any other physician. This recently paid off when I had a severe case of diverticulitis, requiring immediate hospitalization and eventually, surgery. Dr. Singer made the diagnosis and emergency arrangements, including check-in at the Sedona Emergency Center, ambulance transportation and immediate availability of care at the Cottonwood Hospital upon my arrival. Following surgery a month later, even though I was under the care of a fine surgeon, Dr. Singer visited each day that I was hospitalized to check on my condition and progress. For those with the resources this is a very worthwhile program.


I'm extremely happy with Dr Singer, and his staff. I have complicated medical issues, and they're all helpful and patient and they work WITH me. I feel secure in the knowledge that I'm getting the best medical care available. It's very important to me to be able to be seen in the office WHILE I'm having a problem...and I can always be seen the same day or early the next day .....and not have to wait 2 weeks or longer to get an appointment. I have complete confidence in Dr Singer and his staff, and I trust them with my life.

Marilyn D

Dr. Singer has been our family physician and maintaing our good health for over 10 years. His focus on preventative medicine, combined with his expert diagnostic abilities, are qualities that are hard to find in a doctor. The 'higher than standard' levels that he places on the yearly routine physical and tests allow him to identify many issues BEFORE they become problems. More often than not you can get to see him the same day even for non-emergency issues that arise unexpectedly. Combine all this with a friendly, qualified staff and you have a doctor's office that is a pleasure to visit and hard to find in today's market.

Mike D

I want to thank you for the exceptional service and care that you have provided for my father, DVE, during this past week and a half.
Your dedication to your clients is evident in your compassionate persistence in determining the culprit of my father’s sudden ailment.
I was astonished at your immediate response to each days challenges, and grateful for the proficient manner in which you dealt with my questions and concerns.
Throughout these many years, my father has expressed to me his great esteem, and trust, in you as his Doctor.

Thank you for all you do,
KVE and Family


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